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                ¡¡¡õ Introduction
                ¡¡Shanghai Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd. (SFIT) was founded on April 21, 2004, exclusively invested by Shanghai Futures Exchange, and registered with ZJ InnoPark, Pudong, Shanghai. SFIT is dedicated to providing various IT professional services£¬such as software development, technical support, operation maintenance and product sales£¬to administrative and commercial organizations in securities and futures industry. Aiming to be a leading financial trading software vendor and technical services provider in Asia-pacific Region with global influence, SFIT strives to offer premium services to our clients and provides long-term and stable investment returns to shareholders. By sticking to the philosophy of "striving for excellence", SFIT puts great emphasis on products and services quality, with a mature R&D system and integrated quality assurance mechanism. SFIT has reached level 4 of CMMI-Dev 1.3 and been certified to ISO/IEC 20000:2005 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005. Many products with our independent intellectual-property rights have won awards at municipal and state levels, which gained a high reputation in futures industry. Meanwhile, SFIT offers competitive welfare package and good working environment for employees, and builds a positive corporate culture to promote development of both staff and company.

                Core businesses:
                • Development and integration:including software development, system integration and procurement of relevant equipment.
                • Technological support: including post-sales services, daily maintenance, supply of relevant facilities, technology outsourcing and co-location services.
                • Product sales: providing the futures industry with products that support and bring added value to its businesses, and in-depth services that lift the industry¡¯s overall IT application level, including member message bus, risk control system, specialized transaction interface, etc.

                Corporate objective: To be the Asia -Pacific¡¯s leading financial transaction software provider
                An industrial leader that develops world class exchange system software
                A provider of premium system development and operation maintenance services
                An ideal employer
                A provider of stable long-term investment returns to shareholders

                Corporate mission: Improve people¡¯s life with high technology

                Corporate value: Strive for perfection

                Awards and Credentials
                • Credentials£º
                Hi-tech Company Certificate
                Software Company Certificate

                • Awards:
                The Second Prize of the Science and Technology Award of Securities and Futures Industry
                The Second Prize of the Science and Technology Award of Securities and Futures Industry

                ¡°Jinding Award¡± of China International Exhibition of Finance
                -Excellent Financial Solution